EDGE + Enterprise Partnerships

Partnerships and solutions, co-designed and built with employer partners, that integrate work and education by offering degrees, certificates, and short courses for employees to up-skill, re-skill, and thrive.

What we do

Bridging the global talent gap

Northeastern’s Experiential Digital Global Education (EDGE) develops the talent you need to lead your organization into the future. Our customizable approach can help your team build the business, digital, and human-centric skills required to navigate the challenges and opportunities unique to your organization.

EDGE’s approach is rooted in experience-powered learning, coupling project-based professional development with customized online learning.

Our programs are incorporated into your employees’ real jobs and performance plans. This individualized approach produces highly-specialized leaders well-prepared to navigate a world of rapid change.

It’s all at an affordable price, with credential options ranging from single-skill courses to full degrees.

Program options

Customizable and flexible educational experiences

Enterprise partners can choose their level of involvement in developing experiences to facilitate professional development and enhance the skill set of their workforce.  Partners also have the option of using Northeastern’s LMS platform or embedding educational experiences into the company’s HR learning platform.






Single Courses

Real-world results

Corporate partners

Initiatives are co-designed with employers and provide embedded trainings and industry certifications.

Partner spotlight



Program overview

The EDGE and PwC teams created an immersive learning experience that integrates rigorous D’Amore-McKim graduate-level coursework with PwC experiential learning opportunities. PwC’s While You Work – CPA Acceleration Program helps develop a workforce of the future that’s prepared to navigate the challenges associated with breakthrough technologies that are disrupting industries and changing the world of work.

A new pathway for earning a master’s degree

PwC’s fellowship combines real work experiences at PwC with a tuition-paid master’s degree program at the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University. This distinctive one-year program helps high-potential rising college seniors or recent college graduates earn the additional 30 credit hours they need to meet the 150-credit hour requirement for a CPA license.

Our team

The enterprise partnership integration team

Robert Towner

Assistant Vice President, New Ventures

Rebecca Rufo-Tepper

Executive Director, Digital & Enterprise Learning

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