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Our partnerships and solutions, co-designed and built with employer partners, integrate work and education by offering degrees, certificates, and short course for employees to up-skill, re-skill, and thrive.

You need your workforce to become digital transformation leaders.

Northeastern’s EDGE delivers a solution like no other.

Northeastern develops the talent you need to lead your organization into the future. Talent with the business, digital and human-centric skills to address the challenges and exploit the opportunities for your organization.

The Northeastern approach is rooted in work-integrated experiential learning-the evolution of project-based professional development coupled with customized online learning. We develop leaders for the future of work while they work, with a focus on challenges and opportunities in your field, and even in your organization.

Programs are incorporated into your employees’ real jobs and real performance plans, customizing the approach to the individual. And that produces real digital transformation leaders in real time–but with a package of enduring humanics skills that will continue to yield dividends even as technology changes.

It’s all at an affordable price. With credential options ranging from badges to full degrees.



The Northeastern and PwC teams together created an immersive graduate-level learning experience that integrates rigorous D’Amore-McKim course work with PwC experiential learning opportunities. PwC’s degree program builds a workforce of the future that’s prepared to navigate the challenges associated with breakthrough technologies that are disrupting industries and changing the world of work.


Northeastern University recently launched new undergraduate degree programs in the United Kingdom to help working professionals quickly up-skill in emerging tech fields. The degrees and certificates are offered by Northeastern’s London campus, NCH at Northeastern, and are designed to help U.K. employers fill an immediate demand for skilled digital talent-inside their own companies.

Initiatives are co-designed with employers and provide embedded trainings and industry certifications.

  • Developing NEW skilled talent for employers
  • Up-skilling and re-skilling existing employees
  • Workforce diversification

EDGE corporate partners include:
ServiceNow, Smith&Nephew, Atlanta Group, IBM, Astra Zeneca, Department of Health, Network Rail, Fujitsu, Bank of England, Methods, Department for Education, Chugai Pharma, ‘Home Office’, Lloyds Banking Group, PwC, InfoSys and more.

Get better every day with EDGE at Northeastern.

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