Business-Critical Learning & Development Opportunities


Our experts have worked across a range of industries and companies to build, enhance and develop their desire to innovate. We will run Innovation Bootcamps that equip employees with a common mindset, skills and toolset around innovation; coach faculty to support internal innovation teams; instill innovation discipline around idea area such as generation and refinement, risk assessment, and financial viability.


We help you understand the importance of identifying a clear, effective strategy to achieve your market goals. Then we guide you through aligning key business areas to your strategy, talent, technology, and operations.

Digital Transformation

Strategy dictates enabling technology. Our programs first focus on ensuring that the strategy is clear. Then move on to how technologies and organizational and operational structures will support the successfully achievement of your strategy.


As today’s workforce continues to diversify, leadership tasks and responsibilities are becoming more complex. Our leadership programs focus on fundamental leadership areas, such as management, ethics, strategic thinking, diversity leadership, and organizational culture.

IT Leadership

Technology is more tightly integrated with business than ever before, leading some to argue that all companies are, in a sense, technology companies. IT professionals must have a comprehensive understanding of their firm’s business, market, and customer environments. Technology prowess is no longer enough, but must be able to contribute to strategic conversations and be seen as skilled consultative partners. Our programs focus on ensuring that IT is prepared to lead across the organization as a strategic partner.


An Information Assurance program, designed for working professionals, will give your team the skill and knowledge needed to make strategic decisions about information security issues. This includes identity theft, computer viruses, and electronic fraud.

Project Management

Tap into our deep expertise in a range of project management topics, including agile project management, program management, and project portfolio management. We can adapt our expertise and programs to help you mature your organization’s approach and processes.

Organizational Communications

Craft and deliver messages—with a heavy emphasis on digital media—that can influence the attitudes and behaviors of internal and external audiences. Based on your criteria, we will help you design a strategic approach to your communication challenges.

Management & Business Decision Making

Being able to make informed, strategic decisions is a necessary skill for any leader, but the ability to manage the execution of those decisions in a team, a division, or across an organization is essential. Our faculty will help you not only understand how to make effective business decisions, but also how to manage the change that inherently follows.

Financial Acumen

Developing a robust financial acumen throughout your organization will enable your organization’s success. Your team will develop a thorough understanding of those financial basics that are critical for your industry and organization. Their enhanced ability to make effective decisions will position you for competitive success.


Leverage your real business data and turn the information you already have into your competitive edge. We’ll design an executive analytics program customized to the needs of your organization that equips employees with the tools needed to convert data into insights.

Professional Skills

A range of professional skills are powerful enablers for your team’s and organization’s success: critical thinking, systems thinking, time management, effective communication, interpersonal versatility, and unconscious bias awareness are a sampling. When these professionals skills are matured, your team’s success is ensured. Our team will work with you to identify the skills that will have the greatest impact to your team’s success.

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