The EDGE Difference

Online, scalable, experiential programs

Building a Workforce for the Future

We are continuously seeking ways to provide a world-class experience for learners as we push our learning delivery systems to higher levels of design. As we mark this moment in time, we have matured the digital experience, transforming the learner experience at every stage of their learner journey.

EDGE has been incubating a model that is having tangible, measurable impact. Customized with industry, personalized for the learner, and poised for scale.


We are building an experience that meets learners where they are, bringing together technologies to drive and enhance the journey.


As the learner goes through their learning path, they are met with opportunities to map out their career paths and build their personalized learning path based on existing skills and needed skills. We have built in a community to support learners along the way in a high-touch environment. Behind the scenes there are tools to support this highly customized experience, a content curation engine that brings together the content to support the skillsets learners need to succeed.

Empowering learners globally to enhance their lives and career through experiential and transformational lifelong learning pathways.