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Building a Workforce for the Future

Northeastern’s collaboration supports PwC’s efforts to recruit and retain high-potential talent. The goal is to help provide students from all backgrounds an equal opportunity to succeed, help to change students’ trajectories, and uplift their communities. The coursework is hands-on and applicable to their work at PwC.

The Northeastern and PwC teams together created an immersive learning experience that uniquely integrates rigorous D’Amore-McKim graduate-level coursework with PwC experiential learning opportunities, culminating with a Master of Science Management (MSM) degree. PwC’s While You Work – CPA Acceleration Program, helps build a workforce of the future that’s prepared to navigate the challenges associated with breakthrough technologies that are disrupting industries and changing the world of work.

A new pathway for earning a master’s degree

PwC’s fellowship combines real work experiences at PwC and a master’s degree program at the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University. This distinctive one-year program helps high-potential rising college seniors or recent college graduates to earn the additional 30 credit hours they need to meet the 150-credit hour requirement for a CPA license.

About the program

About the program Accepted participants join PwC as a fellow, a unique role between the traditional intern and associate levels. Fellows complete Northeastern University’s academic requirements while working a part-time schedule at PwC to gain valuable work experience. This co-created leading academic offering for PwC helps enhance the capabilities of their workforce and integrates learning into the flow of their everyday work.

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