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Our commitment to partnering with employers to design innovative pathways for apprentice students to continuously advance their skills and achieve their academic and professional goals.

Northeastern University recently launched new undergraduate degree programs in the United Kingdom to help working professionals quickly upskill in emerging tech fields. The degrees and certificates are offered by Northeastern’s London campus, NCH at Northeastern, and are designed to help U.K. employers fill an immediate demand for skilled digital talent—inside their own companies.

Northeastern partnered with ServiceNow, the Santa Clara, California-based digital workflow technology provider, to launch the initiative, which will be expanded globally in the coming months. Designed by Northeastern faculty and ServiceNow, the programs are being rolled out to ServiceNow’s customers and partner companies. Professionals enrolled in the Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Program may earn certifications, including Certified System Administrator and Certified Implementation Specialist in IT Service Management, either as part of a three-year program or as standalone credentials.

Our curriculum offers flexibility based on learners’ individual and immediate professional goals. We are working with the D’Amore McKim School of Business at Northeastern University to add a Level 7 Master’s degree to the offering. The Digital and Technology Solutions program is open to people across the UK and we are working with ServiceNow to launch this internationally in the near future.

Deanna Raineri, Vice President and Senior Vice Chancellor, Digital Learning and Mobility Strategy at Northeastern University

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